Ben Howard – Dresden Concert Review (Eng)

After a very long time of non-stop-listening to the album „Every Kingdom“ and two recommendations on my website, I got the chance and could convince myself from the massive talent of the british suferboy Ben Howard.
The concert took place in the „Alten Schlachthof“ in Dresden. This is a really good location with a great sound, where many bands played live already. However, this hall is also very big and I was kind of surprised that the concert was layed there from the Beatpol, which is a small and lovely nightclub. Never in life I would have thought that the location will be as full as it was in the end. That was just incredible, but maybe it was because of the advantageously date, namely a saturday.
The evening started with the support-act Emmy the Great. I’ve already heard her Song „Paper Forest“, which was played quite often on radio. Despite her outstanding voice and her really good jamming-skills on the guitar, she couldn’t convince me in the full range. There was just too less variety and everything got quite boring after the first two songs she played. It was a pity, but that’s the main problem you’ll have with support-acts, most of them are unheeded.
Now coming to the concert itself. After the performance of Emmy the Great we only had to wait for half an hour. Then finally, Ben Howard came on stage and the crowd was going crazy. He began with a slow song, which is rather unusual. Most of the artists start with a faster song to liven up the crowd. Nevertheless he managed to carry us away from the first tone he played. In general, the majority of his songs start really slow, then they raise the tension and get really powerful to the end. If you are quite patient then you won’t be disappointed.
During the whole concert he offered the full variety. Although he is described as a folk-singer, some of his songs were really rock-like. This was just amazing and ensured, like the numerous calm songs, the goosebump-feeling. It never got boring, often he was just playing alone on the guitar, then they also played the cello beside to him and on another time the whole band was playing together. The particular highlight of each performance was the complete wavior of synths and pianos. They put the focus more on the acoustic guitar and the cello, which was played by the great India Bourne. She had an incredible overexposure and ensured the perfect rounding off. In the end each song was getting really melodic. But also the other musicians were in a wicked mood. Especially during faster songs like „Keep your Head up“, The Wolves“ and „The Fear“ all of them had huge fun on stage. That were also the Hits where the crowd was flipping out.
All in all it was a pretty great concert, which was just beaten by the meeting afterwards. ;) For this we also had to be really patient and must persevere for quite a long time. After some protests of some of us waiting fans, who were energetically (and grammatically) supported by some British, Ben came with his team by. Beside an autograph on his album I got the opportunity of giving him my business card and making advertisement for my website. As a little cherry on the cake I took the chance and let take this brilliant photo of us. :D

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