[Video of the Month] City of Glass – ‚The Modern Age‘ Review (Eng)

For a few weeks already the newcomer of City of Glass are on my radar. Now, likely to the release of the video of their current single ‚The Modern Age‘, I want to take the opportunity to present you the upcoming band from Canada. :)
First acknowledged, the song isn’t really the strongest in comparison to the other one’s from the album, which is also called ‚The Modern Age‚. Though, it gives a new-listener a very good first impression of the striking music style of the still quite unknown duo. Moreover, it comes wonderfully in advantage due to the illustrative video, which freezes oneself with respect for a short moment. Particularly distinctive, the impressing landscape scenes and the special slow-motion-effects. Despite of short moments in between, the duo constantly runs away from somebody. This represents on the one hand perfectly the lyrics and on the other hand the tension, which continuously builds up. Unawares it doesn’t degenerate in an extreme firework. However, this doesn’t affect the whole song at all, but rather makes the listener more curious about it. You don’t know what comes next. Partly, the smooth shots get discontinued by some other slow-motion-parts, in which the focus is just on the singer Michael Champion and his bandmate David Phu. This gives the song some visual silence and variety, beside the in general prevalent excitement.
However, what does label their song alternatively their music style? Why shouldn’t this album be missing in any alternative-tinted CD-shelf? I disclose it to you! ;)
When you are listening to the songs, you will notice rapidly in which directions it all goes. This was also the case when listening to songs of the underground-band Temple Scene, which I discovered a few years ago. In general the sound of the two bands resembles. Nevertheless the songs of City of Glass shine individually different. While you often don’t know where a sound will lead to when listening to songs from other bands, you know it here already. Mostly the beginning of each track represents a strong statement, which continues for the rest of the song with a smooth, preferred experimental mix, still with the right magnitude of harmony in it. So, it rises more and more. The strong echo-effects of the really high played guitar chords generate an unbelievable facility, which gets thwarted by a non-inflated bass. Fast, rousing beats push everything forward with a wonderful fresh dynamic and a cool, casual touch. Besides this, also conspicuous, the synthies. They hem the interesting parts of the songs, the chorus and the bridge right at the end. Thus, they place again some atmospheric highlights, that otherwise where produced with the stronger allude of each instruments.
All in all you can say that it is definitely a great sound or a band, that you should keep in mind in the next month and years! :D
Source Picture: Snowhite

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