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Pst!… watch out guys, the following tip is an absolute insider! Although the duo Bat and Ball from London got hyped by many british Blogs and magazines, they’re still at their home quite unknown. But, this will change in a short time, as you may experience while listening to their songs.
In advance, the music in general of the two siblings is as rough and bluntly as the cover picture comes along. While listening you may recognize, that the sound production isn’t that perfect. But, a better music production wouldn’t help a band to be successful either if their sound would be bad. However, the requirements are definitely there and that are the things, that makes it as exciting as it is right now.
The sound of the band is quite simple. Let’s analyse it on the current single „We Prefer It In The Dark“. The unconcerned, lazy singing is combined with a plain, long-played bass and some modest drums or rather clappings. Then the bass suddenly stops to get played, right immediately before the chorus starts. The focus is on the voices of Abi and Chris Sinclair as well as the drums. Afterwards the bass gets reinstated and previews monotony pursues. Due to various, punchy sidereal seconds by the guitar there are some quick breaking-ups. The passage gets breezy and soft and you will be rememberd to the sound of some notable bands on the indie-alternative-market. At this point I had The Maccabees in my mind. Nevertheless, the two bring their own, unmistakably style into the song, because of the additional use of a staccato-played guitar.
In the first instance this principle continues. In the middle and remarkably at the end there are some other highlights. On the one hand the singing gets more intensive and on the other hand some accords are played stronger, before the song goes back to the chorus. When you listen to that song you won’t be bored despite of the repeating. That’s because the siblings tried to recombine the newer used sounds and instruments in another way, but still coherent with the already existing ones.

From time to time you think that you already heard the whole range of the indie-genre. This time you get to know again a nearly complete new, good, intelligent and quite experimental style. I really keep my finger crossed that they can also delight other listeners with their music. A first endurance test will be the release of their first EP „We Prefer It In The Dark“. But this shouldn’t be a problem, if the songs on this EP are approximately half as good as the current single. ;)

„We Prefer It In The Dark“ EP Cover

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