TDCC, The 1975, Dog Is Dead – Stuttgart Concert Review [Eng]

Only four months after I got the chance of going on the concert of my absolute favorite band Two Door Cinema Club in Berlin last year, I had another opportunity. Though this time on the spot was Stuttgart and also the support-acts were different with The 1975 and Dog Is Dead.
Fortunately, in contrast to the last TDCC-Tour they also stopped in other German cities beside of the usual suspects Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. So this time they also came to Stuttgart. Thereby the concert took place in the LKA Longhorn, which was a really nice location. It wasn’t too big, but at the same time also not to small, it has a cute little indie-alternative-flair, good acoustics and a nice view to a small part of the backstage area, where you could see the support acts and also the guys from Two Doors from time to time. However, the best things of the location were the heightened standing places. Of course, me and my companions nailed down the best of them immediately. ;) Thus you had an unbelievable good view during the whole concert, could take some great photos and you were out of the firing line of the crowd, which totally went nuts again. This was also the case in Berlin, but because of the missing cushion in front of the lightning and audio engineering, the concert experience was significantly impaired. Happily, this time these problems were gone, due to the top-places and you could just enjoy the gig throughout!
Let me now come to the bands that were doing the honors. I have to admit that I was quite surprised, that there were two support-bands. Strangely enough I was just informed about one of them! But fortunately, Two Doors themselves (!!!) gave me a hint with this tweet, after I tweeted something about the first band! :D

The first support-act were the guys from The 1975. The four-man group from Manchester really fascinated me. Thereby they convinced with their sensational, infectious soft-rock in america-syle. The snagging voice, that put across a lot of sense, and the British accent bestow all of their songs a charming British touch. A catchy bass and lead-guitar and the dreamy synthis make theire sound casual, rousing and convey a great retro-feeling, nearly appropriate to the bands name. Why only ’nearly‘, because the sound evokes more to the 80’s.
After the concert I had a real revelation when listening to some more songs from them. You should really remember them, because their songs and their live-performances do really have a high musical potential! :D
Only after a short break the second support of the evening followed, the band Dog is Dead . During their performance they put on a fresh and manifold indie-sound, that sounded quite similar to the Maccabees. Though their performance did not infect me like the one from the first support, they were really good and solid. Special highlight was the saxophone they used during one of their songs. That mounted more variety into the whole gig. Mostly I preferred the performance of their song ‚Teenage Daughter‘. If more songs would sound like that one, I would be more into them. ;)
However, let me now come to the main-act, the three guys of Two Door Cinema Club. Actually, I have never thought that they will manage to perform as good as last time, but with this assumption I have been mistaken. Like in Berlin last year, there was nearly nothing to complain about. For the audience they put on a continuous power-performance and pass toughly trough the show. They would have deserved more pauses for relaxation. Then there would have been also more communication with the public. In this point they have to work more on themself, but not on the show, which was just perfect! They are able to play their songs while asleep and they always go up like match. The lightshow was absolutely brilliant and I started to think about how long it will take, that a bigger mainstream acts will employ the lightening-engineer for their big arena-tours.

All in all the entire concert was really awesome again, although I did not get the chance of meeting one of the bands afterwards. But nevertheless, you have to say that it’s worthwhile going on a Two Door Cinema Club concert because expressions like ’not astonishing a great show‘ or ‚to disappoint the fans‘ are just foreign for them! :D

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